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Where to find us?

Where to have lunch? Our partners in Gastronomy?

Mushroom snails with garlic or rock fish bisque and rust
or Brick with egg with snails
  Fillet of sea bream with lemon tarragon sauce and garnish
Couscous with snails and seasonal vegetables
Kefta house (duo lamb and beef) Breaded and its garnish
Homemade tiramisu or Tunisian pastry or seasonal fruit or lemon sorbet
Mint flavored tea
Menu B.D. "CAGOUILLE": 41 DT
Restaurant ESCARGOT
Avenue Taieb M'hiri - 4000 SOUSSE
TEL: +216 - 73.224.779

Where to have lunch? Our partners in Gastronomy

Mosaic Salad or Tuna Brick
  Fillet of wolf (depending on the market) gratinated with shrimps and mushrooms
Sliced beef with mushrooms
Choice of dessert
Menu "Bulle B.D." : 45 DT
Restaurant the MEDITERRANEE
Port El Kantaoui - 4089 HAMMAM SOUSSE
TEL: + 216 73.348.788 - + 216 27.135.135

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Centre Culturel de Sousse

Avenue Mohamed Maarouf 



Tél: (216) 73.225.450

Lun. au Ven. : 

10:00 - 17:00